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Unlock: Crew Skill Slot : 420/945 : This item will grant an additional Crew Skill slot to a maximum of 3. Subscribers have the maximum number of Crew Skill slots (3) Legacy Perk: Improved Speeder Piloting I : 475: This grants the ability Speeder Piloting I at level 10, allowing the use of many Speeders. Crew Skills Guide | The Fanatical Swordsman Welcome to the official Crew Skill guide of The Fanatical Swordsman. This constantly updated guide will be the compendium for our site on crafting in Star Wars: The Old Republic. LAST UPDATED: 8/1/12 for 1.3.4. For those familiar with crafting in other games, Crew Skills in SWTOR are very similar to other games in some ways and different in others. Play Free Now | Star Wars: The Old Republic requires a star wars: the old republic (“swtor”) account. valid wherever swtor is sold. limit one offer per swtor account. swtor accounts that have previously accessed or activated a free trial of kotfe chapter 1 are not eligible. offer may not be substituted, exchanged, sold or redeemed for cash or other goods or services. From Subscription To Free Account In SWTOR – Constant Warfare This guide assumes you have a preferred account. If you bought the game before, or have subscribed at some point, you will have a preferred account. This guide is for players who are returning to SWTOR, or players who are simply dropping their subscription to play for free. Level 50 or 65, the guide works for both.

I guess I'll go with Slicing for now. Thanks for the answers, guys. One more thing, If I buy a Crew Skill slot, will I get one or two crew skill slot? If you buy a crew skill slot, you'll actually get two slots. One from the slot unlock you bought, and one for becoming Preferred because you spent money buying coins ... to buy a crew skill.

For free 7 Day subscription to Star Wars the Old Republic, create an account by using the following link: http://www.swtor.com/r/M6b6dr The above link is a f... What's the Best Crew Skill for My Class in SWTOR? | LevelSkip

The benefits for using a referral link are quite good. New players can play free up to Level 50 with no time limit and also receive the Jumpstart Bundle with boosts and items for faster leveling.

SWTOR Cartel Market Calculator | SWTOR Guides for ... SWTOR Cartel Market Calculator This is a list of all the items available for purchase on the Cartel Market shop. This is also a tool for you to pick things you would like to purchase in the store without the need to go into the game, so you can do this while waiting for a bus or while at work. Crew Skill Assignment Slot (Account) | SWTOR Item | Item ...

I'm thinking of buying a 3rd one but if there is a way to attain a 3rd crew skill slot (without CC) while subscribed and still keep it after my subscription ends, i'll hold it off. EDIT: I just read that you can get a 3rd crew skill slot if you click a referral link after you have subbed.

Which crew skills are appropriate for each class? - Arqade Which crew skills are appropriate for each class? ... as it's the only skill that is capable of providing an item ... (filling one equipment slot with up to date ... MK-10 Augment Kit Market Analysis | SWTOR Economics MK-10 Augment Kit Market Analysis swtoreconomics / February 8, 2015 I have commented with some frequency in my GTN Alert videos about the theme across servers that MK-10 Augment Components are more expensive than MK-10 Augment Kits since you need 10 of the former to craft the latter. A Free Xfers/7days of time in Swtor. - Page 54 - MMO-Champion So I found out today that even if you are a subscriber and actively playing Swtor, you can log into the Swtor Website and then copy paste someone else's friend referral URL and still refer your account onto someone else's account. Doing this grants you a free character transfer and 7 days of free time onto your account.

The Crew Skills system in Star Wars: The Old Republic consist of three types of skills, each with multiple focus areas: Gathering and Crafting skills are more closely related, the discoveries found during gathering tasks often being used in crafting tasks.

SWTOR Cartel Market Items - Dulfy Expand your inventory an additional 10 slots. Using this item immediately grants additional inventory space, to a maximum of 80 slots. Unlock: Crew Skill Slot : 420/945 : This item will grant an additional Crew Skill slot to a maximum of 3. Subscribers have the maximum number of Crew Skill slots (3)